The final programme for the conference is provided below for information. A PDF version is also available here.

The conference took place in May 2011 at the Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool.

9.00 Registration:  Larrinaga Room
9.20 Welcome: Halsall Room. Claire Taylor (Liverpool)
9.30-11.00 Panel 1: Halsall Room  Humanidades digitales e historia del mundo ibérico: iniciativas y prácticas
Chair: Paul Spence

Julieta I. Martínez (Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora, Mexico), ‘Fototecas digitales: Nuevas formas de acceso, preservación, difusión y de uso de las imágenes para la investigación social’

Denise Moura (Universidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil), ‘O resgate digital de coleções de documentos impressos sobre a América portuguesa’

Fernando Sancho, ‘Bases de Datos de Esquema Flexible para las Humanidades: el caso del Hispanic Baroque’

Panel 2: Clarence Room
Digital Creativity and New Visual Forms

Chair: Claire Taylor

Belén Gache (Madrid), ‘Presentación de Word Toys

Diego Bonilla (California State University), ‘Production Factors and Algorithmic Methods for the Construction of Combinatorial Cinematic Experiences’

Mariano Paz (University of Manchester), ‘DON’T PANIC: Ataque de Pánico, the Downfall of Montevideo and the Rise of Latin American Short Films on the Web’

11.00-11.30 Tea/coffee: Larrinaga Room
11.30-1.00 Halsall Room
E-poetry Showcasing
‘E-poetry as Theory’, José dos Santos Cabral Filho
Panel 4: Clarence Room
Location and Territory in Net.art
Chair: Scott Weintraub

Thea Pitman (University of Leeds), ‘Representing Home in Chicana and Latina Net.art: The Work of Lucia Grossberger Morales and Jacalyn López García’

Margaret Clarke (University of Portsmouth), ‘Digitofagia: Towards a Brazilian Digital Aesthetic’

Claire Taylor (University of Liverpool), ‘Othering the Border and Re-territorializing Place: Monopolies and Maquiladoras in Coco Fusco and Ricardo Domínguez’s Turista Fronterizo

1.00-2.00 Lunch: Larrinaga Room
2.00-3.00 Keynote: Halsall Room – Debra Castillo (Cornell), ‘Rasquache Mockumentary:  Alex Rivera’s “Why cybraceros?”’
3.00-5.00 Panel 5: Halsall Room
New Cyberliterary Forms
Chair: Tori Holmes

Elsa M. Treviño (University of Cambridge), ‘A Critique of Mexican Cyberculture Visualised through Cybercomics: Questioning Internet Usage in Jorge Pinto’s Bunsen

Osvaldo Cleger and Allison Alexy (Lafayette College), ‘Train Man and Weblog de una mujer gorda: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Online Collective Narratives’

Carolina Gainza (University of Pittsburgh), ‘La producción de lo común en la literatura electrónica latinoamericana’

María José Sabo (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina), ‘Espacios emergentes de debate literario en los nuevos soportes digitales: crónicas de un asesinato’

Panel 6: Clarence Room
Digital Knowledge and the Digital Classroom
Chair: Matt Benwell

Ernesto Priani (UNAM) and Ernesto Priego (UCL), ‘Re-mapping the Total Library: An End-User Comparative Critique of the Biblioteca Digital Mexicana and the World Digital Library’

Ana Paula Baltazar and José Cabral Filho, (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) ‘Cannibalism in Digital Media and Architecture: Two Decades of Teaching Experience in Brazil’

Paul Spence (King’s College London), ‘Digital Humanities and Spanish & Spanish American Studies Meet: Standards, Virtual Frameworks and Widening Access’

FRIDAY 20 MAY 2011
9.00-10.30 Panel 7: Halsall Room
Cybercommunities and Cyberprotests
Chair: Mariano Paz

Tori Holmes (University of Liverpool), ‘Territorial Embeddedness and Locality in Framing Content on Blogs: An Example from a Brazilian Favela’

Michelle Rivera (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), ‘Digital Spaces of Identity: Exploring the Anti-Reggaetón Movement Online’

Rafael Alarcón Medina (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico), ‘Cyber-subalternities: Technological Horizon and Subordinated Digitization in the Third World’

Panel 8: Clarence Room
Print Literature Dialoguing with the Cyber (I)

Chair: Margaret Clarke

Paul Fallon (East Carolina University), ‘Before the Posthuman, After the Human, Questioning Both: Latin American Literature Engaging Technology’

Joanna Page (University of Cambridge), ‘Cyberfiction and Formalism: Ricardo Piglia’s Theory of Literary Creativity’

Edward King (University of Cambridge) ‘Espiritismo Digital in Brazilian Cyberfiction: Fausto Fawcett’s Tecnognósticos

10.30-11.00 Tea/coffee: Larrinaga Room
11.00-12.00 Keynote: Halsall Room – Héctor Perea (UNAM), ‘A vuelo de pájaro: creación digital en México’
12.00-1.00 Lunch: Larrinaga Room
1.00-2.30 Panel 9: Halsall Room Digital Poetry
Chair: Clare Parody

Scott Weintraub (University of Georgia, Athens), ‘A Cyborg Consciousness: On Gustavo Romano’s Electronic Poetics’

Beniamina Cassetta (CUNY), ‘Ana María Uribe’s Typoems and Anipoems: Letters As Objects From Concrete Poetry to .gif Format’

Panel 10: Clarence Room Print literature dialoguing with the cyber (II)
Chair: Margaret Clarke

Livia Escobar (University of Rouen, France), ‘Aforismos y paradojas del mundo cibernético en el contexto boliviano: breve estudio de la novela “El delirio de Turing” de Edmundo Paz Soldán’

Marcos Wasem (CUNY), ‘Luis Bravo and Roberto de las Carreras: Two Cases of Technological Incorporation in Uruguayan Literature’

Andrew Brown (Washington University in St Louis), ‘Sampling and Digital Aesthetics in Recent Southern Cone Narrative’

2.30-3.00 Tea/coffee: Larrinaga Room
3.00-4.00 Video Conference Suite/Halsall Room: E-Poetry Encuentro Virtual Liverpool/Buffalo 2011 Moderators: Claire Taylor & Loss Pequeño Glazier. Readings: Belén Gache (Argentina/Spain), Eugenio Tisselli (Mexico/Spain). Statements: Scott Weintraub (USA), Claudia Kozak (Argentina)
4.00-4.50 Clarence Room, Diego Bonilla, multimedia fiction showings
4.50-5.00 Closing Remarks Claire Taylor

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