Cities in Dialogue Exhibition

Cities in Dialogue Exhibition

Venue: FACT, The Box

Cities in Dialogue posterLatamcyber are pleased to invite you to join us at this exhibition which brings together the work of four Latin American and Latino artists. Held at FACT in Liverpool, the Exhibition starts on Monday 13 October and finishes on Tuesday 21 October, and has a variety of installations, performances, artist talks, and hands-on audience interaction. No booking is needed for any of the events, and, apart from the artist talks, you can drop in and out of the sessions at any time.

Monday 13 October, 12.00pm – 8.00pm.

The Santa Rosa Storm and Cities in Dialogue Exhibition Launch

This installation by artist Brian Mackern from Uruguay features a ‘Fluxus’ box that contains a religious image of Saint Rosa and a installable kit that reacts to the presence of the audience and the movement of a candle flame. The reactions then affect the sound and visual interferences of the projection of the meteorological maps.

6.30pm Wine Reception and canapes

7.00-8.00pm Santa Rosa Storm concert by Brian Mackern



Tuesday 14 October, 12.00pm- 5.00pm

Historical Memory of the Alameda

Historical Memory of the Alameda is a site-specific and participatory project developed in Santiago of Chile in 2005. It deals with Chilean memory and the period going from Allende’s government (1970-1973) to the end of Pinochet’s dictatorship in 1990, bringing together the city’s landscape with the events marking its history. There will be an artist talk at 4.00pm as part of this event.

Wednesday 15 October, 12.00pm-8.00pm

Ten Years of Memory Weave

Through images, texts and sounds, personal and collective memories, Memory Weave by Argentine artist Marina Zerbarini looks at Argentina’s disappeared, the children born in captivity in the late 1970s, the economic crisis sparked by the last dictatorship, the political crisis of 2001, and the impact of these events on the lives of people. There will be an artist talk at 7.00pm as part of this event.

Monday 20 October, 12.00-7.00pm

34°53′S 56°10′W || 53°24′N 2°59′W // Port Interfaces

In this installation, Brian Mackern addresses the representation of places and different aspects of the localization of ‘being’. For this residence artwork he will rework his memories of the port of Montevideo (Uruguay) through the gathering of information and recording of sound and visual material about the port of Liverpool. There will be an artist talk at 6.00pm as part of this event

Tuesday 21 October, 12.00pm-6.00pm

A Geography of Being and Mediated Idols (Robots)

A Geography of Being by Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga is a video game that reflects upon the dynamics of the undocumented youth immigrants in the United States, The video game places the player in the role of an undocumented youth that must face challenges in the search for self-determination beyond the imposed constraints of citizenry. There will be an artist talk at 5.00pm as part of this event.


You can download a copy of the Exhibition poster here: Cities in Dialogue poster

Copies of the Exhibition flyer and programme are available to download here: Exhibition Flyer

Further details about the Exhibition and about FACT can be seen at: http://www.fact.co.uk/projects/cities-in-dialogue.aspx

Funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and with support from the University of Liverpool and the Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Embassy of Spain in London.

CMYK_LScape  Embassy of Spain



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