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New article on Brazilian webdocumentary

Tori Holmes has recently published a new article on the Brazilian webdocumentary project Domínio Público, which portrays urban transformations in Rio de Janeiro in the run-up to the city’s hosting of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, with a particular focus on the impact in Rio’s favelas. The article, with the title ‘Giving visibility … Continue reading

Welcome to the website for the Digital Latin American Cultures Network, led by researchers from the University of Liverpool, the University of Leeds, and Queen's University Belfast, which researches the cultural dimensions of new media in Latin America.

Upcoming talks by project members

Claire Taylor will be speaking on ‘Multimedia Representations of Memory and Conflict’ at the RENKEI PAX Workshop, Emancipating the Mind: History, Politics and Heritage, Liverpool, 17-26 August 2017

Tori Holmes will be speaking on ‘Futuro Junho: Documenting the Brazilian Conjuncture of 2013, and Its Aftermath’, at the biennial conference of the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL), University of Sheffield, 8-9 September 2017

Thea Pitman will be speaking on ‘“Viral Latinidad”, “Latino Cool” and Beyond in Latin American Digital Cultural Production’, at the conference on ‘Viral/Global Popular Cultures and Social Media: An International Perspective’, Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster, 13 September 2017.

Claire Taylor will be speaking on ‘Digital Art, Story-Telling, and the Museum: Suggestions for New Forms of Audience Engagement’ at the Federation of International Human Rights Museums Conference 2017, Museums, Democracy and Human Rights: Challenges and dilemmas in storytelling, 28-30 November 2017, at the Museo Internacional para la Democracia Rosario, Argentina

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